SleekLens Workflow Review

November 10, 2017

I have been trialling the new 'Through The Woods' Lightroom presets and brushes from SleekLens. 

They are simple to install and I've had no problems running any of the presets or brushes.  There are no performance problems and the presets and brushes follow a simple and descriptive naming convention, which makes finding the effect you are after quick and simple.


The presets themselves can be stacked on top of each other, this is useful as you can build up effects as you would in photoshop using layers. 


There are a total of 89 presets and 42 brushes all designed to make your landscape images come alive.  These are broken down into 7 mains areas:


- All In One processing

- Base adjustments

- Exposure adjustments

- Color enhancements

- Tone & Tint

- Polish - the finishing touches like sharpening

- Vignettes


Within each area many of the presets are quite similar, just a different strength.

The brushes follow a similar idea, there are 5 areas:

- Basics (contrast and clarity)

- Color

- Effects (for cloud and water definition)

- Haze

- Light.


I would say the presets are aimed more at Lightroom beginners, or anyone who finds the number of sliders a little daunting.  One advantage the presets have over using the sliders, is that you can preview the effect in the navigator panel at the top on the left hand side before clicking the change.  This means if you just run your mouse up and down the list you can whizz through all the effects to get some ideas on how you would like to edit your image.  Once you have applied the preset you can continue to make specific global adjustments using the sliders on the right hand side.  


I found the brushes much more fun, in particular, the Haze and Light brushes which really make it easy to enhance and bring out specific areas of your images.  Like all brushes in Lightroom, the area you have selected can be viewed by pressing the O button to overlay the mask.  This means you can go back and tweak the brush even after you have done more editing.


The workflow costs $31, so for less than £25 it will provide a good few hours of entertainment over the long winter months, although I'm sure you'll end up, just like me, returning back to just a handful of the presets and brushes time after time.


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