My day usually begins with the bride. I try to capture the fun of the girls getting ready for the big day.


This is also a perfect time to focus on the intimate details: the bouquet, the shoes and of course the dress.


If there is time, I will setup a few shots of the bride with her bridesmaid and parents.


A typical wedding day...


Once any bride is ready I head for the ceremony venue where I take a few shots of the boys whilst waiting for the bride to arrive.


If time permits I try to get a couple of quick shots as the bride is arriving and preparing to make her entrance.

The Ceremony

Each venue has it's own rules on photography during the ceremony, some are strict and some are not.


I always try to remain invisible during the ceremony, and keep noise and movement to a minimum.  


Once the ceremony is over, we stage the book signing before heading outside for the confetti shots (if permitted).



Group Shots

Prior to the big day I meet with the bride and groom so we can prepare a list of the group shots.  


Having this list prepared helps us glide through the group shots without ease and without risk of forgetting to include Aunty Una who's travelled all the way from Australia.

The Newly Weds

Once the initial excitement, congratulations, hugs and kisses have all sunk in, I spend about 30 minutes with the bride and groom creating those magical images they will cherish forever.


During this time we usually stage a cake cutting.  I have found it's best to do this prior to the wedding meal before too much wine is consumed and any tears or emotion or laughter have taken their toll on the makeup.


Candid Shots

Throughout the day I am always on the look out for those fleeting candid moments and cheeky grins that make the day so special.

The Venue

I always capture a few shots of the venue.  My eye is trained to find the little details and decorations that add the finishing touches to the day.