My 365 Projects To Date

Themes 2018

In 2018, together with several other members from my camera club, I embarked on my third 365.  This time I just choose a new theme for each month, with a few open themes during the months when I knew I was going to be busy or away.

Gear Challenge 2015-2016

In September 2015 we replaced our compact waterproof camera with the Canon G7 X and waterproof case.  This little camera boasted a 1cm sensor and the ability to fit in your coat pocket.  After a few days of playing around I was hooked on this little camera and it's convenience.  I found myself popping it into my pocket everytime I took the dog out.  That lead to an idea, now I work from home and live on a small holding in Wales, it's usually me, not my husband, who walks the dog every day.  I decided to start another 365 using my G7 X and to take a photo each day on the dog walk.

As I mentioned I now live in Wales, and it was November, so I was soon disheartened by the grey skies, howling winds and never ending rain.  This was not going to make for any interesting photos but after a 3 year break I was ready to start a new 365.

That was when I decided to challenge myself to get to know all my gear better.  Over the years I've built up quite a collection of kit, and I was aware that there were several lenses which rarely saw the light of day.  To rectify this and help me to learn to see the world as each lens does, my 365 evolved into using a specific piece of kit each month, starting of course with the G7 X.

Garden Challenge 2011-2012

Before we moved to our small holding in Wales, we lived on a fairly standard housing estate in Hampshire.  I'd always resented our garden as it was permanently in the shade due to a number of large trees with strict preservation orders on them.  These trees meant that very little grew and the vast number of cats in the neighbour meant there wasn't much wildlife either.

However, in an effort to learn to appreciate what I had, and to combine that with the opportunity to improve my photography skills I set myself my first 365 challenge.   A photo every day for a year, that had to be taken of / or in, my garden.

I missed a few days here and there but ended up with 339 images of which a few went on to do reasonable well as stock images and in camera club competitions.

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